Sunday, February 10, 2013


As you can tell, the blog has just received a face lift!   With that said, I'm still working on some things; changing fonts, editing new pages and working out glitches.  So I apologize in advance if you are confused and thrown off.

The blog should reach its new normalcy by the end of the week.  Thanks for understanding!

Date Night

I haven't been feeling well recently...and sadly, when I don't feel well, I don't cook.

Knowing this, Andrew decided to take me to dinner and a movie. A night out certainly lifted my spirits. Thanks Andrew.

We started off with some pizzas at Hog and Hominy, and then headed to the movies to see Django Unchained.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working hard....or hardly working?


Working in a bakery is not an easy job. Although I am surrounded by delicious sweets all day, the job can be strenuous and physically exhausting.

But I can't complain.

I work with hilarious people who always find a way to make the day a bit brighter. Here are a few pictures to better illustrate what I do.

Chocolate cream pies for National Pie Day

This is what my sugar addiction has come to.... My boss made me a sign which reads "if you catch me eating sugar, you have permission to take a lock of my hair".

Taste testing new icing flavors

Cherry Baby pie ready to be baked

Just matching everyone at work to characters in The Office...