Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super Natural Every Day

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Morgan got married!  Morgan lovveeees her some Muddy's cupcakes, so for her wedding, I assembled her ordered and took care of the delivery and setup for her.  I was so thankful that I was able to help out in some way, but as a thank you she got me a very thoughtful gift.  She gave me some kitchen trinkets and the book Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson.

Upon receiving this gift, I have not been able to put the book down!  I cherish the book because it reminds me of Morgan, but it also has incredibly simple, yet natural recipes...something I love.  For breakfast this morning, I baked a loaf of bread and decided to make the blackberry-maple compote recipe to accompany the fresh bread.  The compote was the perfect match for my bread and made me daydream about blackberry season this summer....

J.Crew White Jeans

My favorite pants are on sale right now at J. Crew, so I thought I would share the good news.  They are also having an additional 25% sale, that ends today!

I highly recommend these jeans.  They can be casual or fancy, worn with heels or flats.  I'm a big fan of the white pants and denim shirt look...

Can't wait to wear my white pants with the new shoes that I "accidentally" purchased.  But seriously, it was an accident!

Above picture from J. Crew website

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sweedish Hasbeens...I am dreaming about you.

Zappos. Just knock the price down a wee bit more.

And if you can't, I guess these shoes are a close second.

Market Fashion

As you have probably read...I love markets.  Really any sort of market will do, but my real love takes shape in a farmer's market.  But if want to be a serious markert-er, you need to have the proper bag or basket.  I do not discriminate against one or the other, you are just a bag person or a basket person.  I, my friends, am a basket person.  

Since market season was approaching, I wanted the perfect accessory and I found it on Etsy.  The market basket pictured above called to me and I knew we were destined for each other.  The basket came from the seller, JustBeeGenerous, a very professional store with extra meaning in their gifts.  Each purchase comes with a "random act of kindness card" that you pass along to other reminded me of the "pay it forward" concept.  Smart idea, and very inspiring.  As for the basket, it's sturdy, holds a great deal of food and very versatile!  If you are interested in a multi-functional basket, I highly recommend this one.

Sadly I don't look as whimsical as the lady above when I go to the market...

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Day At The Park

Parks are incredible.  Especially Overton Park, which we live down the street from.  During the spring and fall, there is nothing I would rather do more then spend a day in the park.  Eating lunch, reading under the sun and hanging out with friends.  That sounds like the perfect day to me.  

Yesterday, Andrew and I spent a few hours in the park.  Sadly it was not quite as picturesque at the scene above, but it was still a lovely time.  If a piece of art was dedicated to our afternoon, there would be much more sunburn and neighborhood kids chasing after Boone involved.

Ready with sunglasses

Trying to carry a big stick to the park

Tired from being chased 

Making friends at the park

Meet Meyer

I recently started working most of the world.  For the past year and a half I worked Tuesday-Saturday which meant I always missed the big farmers market on Saturday morning.  But now that I am off on Saturdays, I plan to take full advantage of our market and be there every weekend!

The Memphis Farmers Market opened the first weekend in April.  Although our April mornings have been wrapped with a chill, I was encouraged to see so many people at the market when it opened at 7.  I have a thing for farmers markets...they make me want to do a little dance.  Walking around, looking over the various produce and hand-made goods, people watching, eating...what could be better? Each week I always happen to stumble across something unexpected and not on my list. My big find at the market last week: Meyer lemons.

Have you ever tasted a Meyer lemon?  The unique flavor is very different from a lemon you find at the grocery.  Meyer lemons have a clean, mello, fresh taste without the tang of a regular lemon.  They are just devine and I couldn't wait to bake with them!

Well, since I'm officially vegan again (I know, snoreeeee), I decided to make some shortbread cookies with a Meyer lemon glaze.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easy Easter (And Holiday) Cookies

If there is one thing I've learned working at a bakery, it's that people go crazy over shortbread cookies.  Each holiday we make shortbread cookies, cut out in a shape corresponding with that holiday.  In some ways it is quite matter how many we make, or how cute they look...these cookies sell out within hours of store opening. People just can't get enough!

Yesterday we ate lunch with some of our friends, and their family, to celebrate Easter.  I decided to make shortbread cookies, knowing that everyone would probably ooze with excitement at the overwhelming cuteness...a reaction not based on my talent for icing cookies but the sole fact that there would be shortbread bunnies joining us for Easter lunch.  I used this Ina Garten recipe for the shortbread cookies and a version of this Alton Brown recipe for the icing.

So what have we learned today class?  No matter what holiday it is, find a cute cookie cutter and make shortbread cookies--these cookies make great gifts for friends, fun ideas for parties, activities with kids or dessert for a meal!