Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach Bound

This Wednesday Andrew and I head to the beach...woohoooo!

I couldn't be more thrilled because we have about two weeks worth of vacation back to back.  To be honest, this vacation is much needed after our recent move to Charlotte and all the transitions and stress that moved with us.

So I have beach on the mind, and here are a few things I have been thinking about....

A check list for the beach.

How to control my wild beach hair.

7 tips for staying healthy while traveling.

Picture found here:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

What did you do for Father's Day?  We had a pleasant visit and lunch with my parents, and brother, Greg.  My dad requested a lemon meringue pie, so that was my gift to him.

I used the recipe from The Back in the Day Bakery cookbook.  This adorable bakery is in Savannah, Georgia and the owners happen to be friends of Paula you know it is both delicious/full of BUTTTTTTEEEERRR.

Happy Father's Day to my father-in-law!!  Sorry we didn't get to see you  :(

And thank you to my friend Shelley for providing the stache straws, they were the perfect addition.

The Queen City

WOW, way too long since my last post!  So much has happened in the last few weeks.  We moved from Memphis to Charlotte, found a wonderful duplex to live in, and I started my job two days after the move!

I wanted to post a few pictures for friends and family to see what our place looks like.  Not the best pictures, but they will help create a mental image.  No pictures of the upstairs, sorry, I forgot!