Monday, April 21, 2014

Baking Tip: Broken egg shells

Something I am going to start doing on this blog; baking tips!  I'm slowly starting to realize that there are so many little tricks I learned while working as a baker.  I didn't realize these tricks were valuable until now, which is why I am going to share.

Today we will start with the story of an egg.

This little egg made a very long journey to good ole' Trader Joe's, where I just so happened to stumble upon him and his eleven other siblings.  Since I am a vegan, I don't actually eat these little guys, but my husband loves eggs and I do a good deal of non-vegan baking, so I always have them around the house.

One of the most obnoxious things that will just put a damper on your baking is when you get broken egg shells in your batter.  Seriously, it is the worst!  Then you stick your fingers in the egg and continually try to grab the shell, but somehow it keeps getting further and further from you...sometimes I feel like the egg shell has something against me and doesn't want to get caught, it feels like a conspiracy theory.  Until I found out about this trick...

Super simple, I can't even remember who told me about it at the bakery.  But here we go.

First you have a perfect little egg.

 Then you crack your egg.

But oh no!  You notice there is an egg shell caught.

 Use one half of your broken egg shell to fish out the missing piece. 

And like magic, the missing egg shell is just drawn to the big egg shell.  Like I said, so obvious and easy and it always works!