Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review of Plumber's Hero

I was recently given the unique opportunity to review products that are "as seen on TV".  You know the ones I am talking about.  Infomercials that are on during the day or late at night- sporting enthusiastic and energetic product salesmen/women.  Oddly magnetic, you can't flip the channel, even if you have no interest or need for the product. Infomercials amaze me and I love to watch them.

Anyway, for today's review we will be looking at Plumber's Hero, the tool that "opens drains instantly".  This item is promoted as a "plumber in a can", and apparently has the ability to unclog sinks, tubs, toilets and even sinks with a garbage disposal.  In order to test this product, I have waited two months to find some sort of clog or drain issue at our house.  For the past two weeks I've noticed that our bathroom sink is draining slower than normal, much slower in fact.  Ahhh, finally a chance to put the Plumber's Hero to the test.

I get out my Plumber's Hero user guide to familiarize myself with the product and directions.  The guide consists of four small pages, two of which are warnings and warranty information.  This means there are minimal directions (including several pictures) making directions clear, easy and concise.  That's a plus one in my book.  Although the directions seemed simple, I made my husband help out just in case :)

He reads the directions as well, just in case my interpretation and paraphrasing is incorrect.  I think he was surprised how easy it was.  We then follow the diagram and instructions for the sink unclogging by placing the sink adapter and Plumber's Hero can over the drain.  We fill the sink with water and then push the can down for one second. There was a loud BOOM, the suction noise of our sink draining followed by a subtle, refreshing orange scent. Immediately we turn the faucet on to test it out, and the sink drained like normal. Could it really be that easy and work that well?  The answer to both questions is yes!

Six months ago we lived in a duplex that constantly had draining issues.  Our sink was always stopped up and the tub turned into a bath during each shower due.  We were constantly buying some form of liquid plumber, but inevitably the clog would come back.  I wonder now if the Plumber's Hero would have done the trick?  If so, we would have saved a fair amount of money because this product is $19.99 and has up to 20 uses.

As much as I endorse this product, I do have two minor questions or concerns.  First, no where in the directions, from what I can tell, is there mention of the water temperature that is to be used with this product.  With many liquid plumbers, the directions say to wash the product down with warm water.  Plumber's Hero makes no mention or specification of the water temperature that should be used.  I guess in this case it does not matter?

Second. Our bathroom sink is tiny and we were barely able to fit the Plumber's Hero can and sink adapter under the faucet.  At first I wasn't sure if we would be able to use it.  Luckily Andrew was able to finagle the can to get it under the faucet.  For all those people out there with a tiny there any possibility of a smaller version of Plumber's Hero in the future?  I could certainly see this being an issue for people who live in older homes or apartments that have smaller, older appliances.

In summary, we love the Plumber's Hero and would RECOMMEND this item to anyone. My husband was actually sad that we did not have more clogged sinks in our house because he found the product so fun and wanted to continue the un-clogging party.  I guess that's a good sign.

Click here to visit the Plumber's Hero website if you are interested in making a purchase.


  1. That is definitely a very useful tool, especially when unclogging or fixing drains in a rush. With that tool, you can save the money from hiring a plumber, and also have things done right away. Although it’s really not the solution for all plumbing woes, it’s still a convenient thing to have. Thanks for sharing!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing Inc.

  2. Thanks a lot for this recommendation, Meghan. At the very least, that would be one among the many plumbing tools that I can use now; especially if I need a quick fix. But clogged drains tend to be complex. Sometimes, it's not just stuff that blocks the way, but in the setup of the drains themselves. That will require the help of plumber. Still it does help that you have stuff like that on standby. Better than the vinegar treatment, in my opinion.

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG

  3. I have constant issues with poor drainage from my shower as it links into other drainage in a really old bungalow and i am constantly using my hand/feet to create some pressure to force it down. I will definitely look into getting one of these after reading your review so thank you!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing