Monday, June 23, 2014

Italy Part 1

Wow, I've taken a little vacation from the blog!  Andrew and I just got from Italy with my family and it was and incredible trip.  Even though we got back two weeks ago, we are still feeling jet that possible?

We spent most of our time in Florence, where my parents had rented an apartment right in the city center, located between the Duomo and the Uffizi Museum- we were perfectly located in the city.  One day we went on a wine tour.  There we toured the vineyard, and ate a five course meal where they paired a flight of wine with each course.  It was fantastic!

We headed to Venice for one night and met up with Andrew's Aunt and Grandmother.  His Aunt Melanie lives in Vicenza and teaches art on a military base and his Grandmother had been visiting.  It was so sweet to spend time with them in Italy!  On the way home from Venice we stopped in Vicenza to see where Melanie lives.  Now we have some context where we hear her talk about life in Vicenza.  On our final night we headed to Fiesole, a little town on the mountain that overlooks Florence.  We had a delicious meal with and an unreal view, it was a perfect way to end our tip.

The Duomo di Firenze

Santa Croce, Florence

The Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Fiesole.  The joke of the trip was that Greg somehow ended up in the background of almost all of our couple pictures. #photobomb

The view from Fiesole

Greg's arm to the right....


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